Stronger Roots (original surrealist painting 40x30 in)

40 x 30 inches | original oil painting on canvas
Oil on canvas
This painting measures 40x30 inches with a depth of 1.5 inch. The sides of this thick canvas were painted so there is no need for a frame. It's ready to hang!

This painting was exhibited at the "2020 People's Gallery" at Austin City Hall.

This painting was also part of my solo exhibit Places and Perceptions at the Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center, Austin, TX, April 13 - June 17, 2017

About this painting:
The United States is a great country made up of people from all over the world as well as the native Americans. I am an immigrant. We all contribute by bringing our different cultures, our ideas, our skills, our foods, etc. Those of us who had the courage to leave everything behind in our home country, are a particular type of human being: we are go-getters, we are hard workers, we are creative, we are proud to be bicultural (yes, we love the US as well as our home country), we have a strong sense of community, we constantly strive to be better in anything we do, we are willing to go out of our way to help other people, family is very important for us, we educate the new generations to do even better than us, etc. We continue to make this place as great as it has always been or even greater. We can’t be denied or erased from history. We are here, look around. Our roots have become stronger in our home country as well as in the US. No walls, papers (or lack of), fake stereotypes, define us. We already know who we are. We are proud of our stronger roots.

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landscape, cloud, weird, thought provoking, heritage, Mexican, culture, roots, nature, surreal, surrealist, surrealism, path, prairie, house, architectural, architecture, wall, immigration, border

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