Time for Strawberry Guavas (original pencil) - product images
13 x 10 inches | watercolor paper

Time for Strawberry Guavas (original pencil)

This drawing is the actual planning for my painting "New Harvest, New Happiness" (coming soon). Before starting a painting I always work on a sketch where I carefully decide how the painting will look like. The idea for a painting starts in my head first, but it is important to take that preliminary step of creating a sketch instead of jumping on to the canvas and paints. This time I decided to make this "sketch" with a lot of detail. I turned it into an actual work of art that could hang in a special wall of your house!
The strawberry guava tree has a special meaning for me and that's why I have painted it a few other times (each painting has its own variations). If you purchase this drawing or any of the Strawberry Guava paintings/prints found in my website, I will gladly share the meaning with you.
It was made with graphite pencils on acid free watercolor paper. Drawing is 13 x 10 inches and it has an extra 1/2 inch border.


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